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October 8, 2008

Ryan O’Neal Arrested With Son Redmond

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Part time actor and full time crack head Ryan O’neal was arrested on Wednesday along with his son Redmond O’neal for possession of methamphatamines. In a statement released by his publicist, Amy Winehouse, O’neal said, “There is no person I’d rather be arrested with than Red.”

publicist Amy Winehouse

The arrest came on the heals of a “hunch” by O’Neal’s probation officer, Keith Richards who said, “The bastard is always high, so we took a chance.”

O’Neals former lover and Redmond’s mother, Farrah Fawcet was asleep on the couch at the time of the arrest. She released a statement saying “I should have noticed the warning signs, such as the methamphatamine lab in the kitchen.” Fawcett went on to say that the family has already been through a lot this year what with her ass cancer and the arrest of their top crack dealer, Pimp Daddy Corn Chips.


Farrah Fawcett and Pimp Daddy Corn Chips

O’Neal’s other crack head children have all said they are hoping that O’Neal can get his act together before his 70th birthday. As for Red, they say the bastard is young, he’s got time.


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