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January 14, 2015

Adult toy recall

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Adult toy maker, Adam & Eve has recalled thousands of adult toys after consumers complained that the toys looked too much like Play-Doh dispensers. Numerous frustrated housemother’s flooded Adam & Eve’s website with comments such as, “Great, my kid is asking why Mommy has a Play-Doh dispenser in her nightstand” and “I don’t know whether to pleasure myself or make my kid a Play-Doh ice-cream cone with sprinkles.”


Adam & Eve's "Lil' Buddy" toy.....with Play-Doh just in case

Adam & Eve’s “Lil’ Buddy” toy…..with Play-Doh just in case

This is not the first time the adult industry has accidentally made a toy that looked like a male’s thingy. In 2009 Adam & Eve released the 5 speed “Megatron 2000” which many complained looked eerily like Dora the Explorer. The company insisted that was never the intent.


The "Megatron 2000" with little Nora as your pleasure guide.

The “Megatron 2000” with little Nora as your pleasure guide.


Homemaker, Mary Dunham says that it’s been difficult explaining to her daughter why she has so many children’s toys in her night stand, “My daughter thinks I’m confiscating all of her toys. I had to add a second night stand. She cries and cries and wants to know why I’m taking them all. She thought it was because I didn’t have any toys so she bought me one for Christmas.”


Mary Dunham's gift from her daughter

Mary Dunham’s gift from her daughter

“She knew I was a fan of ET and thought I’d really like it,” said a disturbed Dunham, “The thing glows. At first I thought that would be creepy, but it ended up coming in handy. I have a great daughter.”


Adam & Eve said that anyone who would like an exchange can send their “Lil’ Buddy” back in exchange for the “Master-bot 3000”.


The "Master-bot 3000"

The “Master-bot 3000”


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