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June 21, 2017

NASA to finally probe Uranus

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Picture of Uranus looking almost like a black hole

After years of begging and pleading and doing extra dishes at the office, Scientist Dr. Harold Ball, was finally given the green light to probe Uranus. Dr. Ball said he first broached the topic of probing Uranus years ago, but was met with stern resistance, “Things got really awkward and we really didn’t talk about it at all for awhile,” said Dr. Ball, “so I just went back to probing the areas I had been probing all along, but after a while that got boring and I figured enough time had gone by so I decided to ask again about probing Uranus.”

Dr. Ball admitted that he’s a little nervous about probing Uranus, but just feels that the time is finally right. Dr. ball said he still has some concerns as he knows the surface area of Uranus can be very sensitive and he doesn’t want to cause any damage to Uranus, “We can’t just ram something into Uranus,” said the Doctor, “We need to take it nice and slow to make sure we preserve Uranus for future probings. If we cause any significant damage to Uranus we know this whole project could be shut down for good.”

Dr. Ball said he’s excited about the project as little is known about Uranus, “Many people don’t understand anything about Uranus. Most people think it’s nothing more than a black hole.”

Dr. Ball said he will be assisted in the probing by British scientist, Roger Smyth. “I can’t wait for Dr. Smyth to give Uranus a good Rogering,” Dr. Ball said with a chuckle while doing his best British accent.

Both scientists agreed that the probing of Uranus was a long time coming, “You can only probe the same areas for so long before you get bored, you know,” Dr. Ball sighed, “I’ve been dying to get the chance to probe Uranus. I know probing Uranus is really taboo in the science world, but I just don’t care anymore.”

Many scientists at NASA agree that this will likely be a one and done probing and that Dr. Ball will be back to probing the same old areas by next week.


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