The World As I See It


Go to fullsize image     –  Moses Lafferty – Founder/CEO – Founder and CEO Moses Lafferty began his news career two years ago with a keyboard

          and a dream. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, Lafferty didn’t have anything

 to connect the keyboard to and instead pounded away at the thing with poor results.

                                 Thanks to a touch of syphillis the crazy bastard didn’t even notice. Luckily two weeks

                                 ago Lafferty’s neighbor threw out a sweet Tandy 2000 and the rest is history.

   Go to fullsize image     –  Horace “Balls” Brown – Editor in Chief   – Horace “Balls” Brown joined the WORLD AS I SEE IT STAFF 8 days ago after a chance

meeting with Lafferty in a jail cell. The two hit it off immediately when they

discovered that both were huge fans of the opera and malt liquor. Brown is the

                                      Editor in Chief and intends on attending reading classes at the local library in order

                                      to learn how to read.

Go to fullsize image         –  Cindy Caruthers – Fashion Editor – Cindy joined the WORLD AS I SEE IT team in 1999, an incredible 9 years before 

the group was formed. Cindy brings her worldly knowledge of fine clothes and

jewelry to an already world class group. Cindy was awarded the 1996 WTF award

                                          at the fashion awards in Flint, Michigan.

Go to fullsize image     –  Stan Littleton  – Sports Editor  – Stan joined the WORLD AS I SEE IT TEAM 4 days ago when he met Lafferty

at a local burger joint. He convinced Lafferty to let him join the team by

threatening to eat Lafferty. Stan has a mild equilibrium problem due to

                                          Diabetes, heart disease, the gout and obesity which forces him to wear a


Go to fullsize image        –   Terry Mathis –  Advice Columnist – Terry joined the WORLD AS I SEE IT team yesterday, but has yet to show up

for work. He specializes in parent counseling and has a degree from Yale.

We hope Terry shows up soon.


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