The World As I See It


All news stories written for THE WORLD AS I SEE IT are entirely fictional. If you didn’t know that until you read this you are most likely a dimwit. All stories are nothing more than the wild fantasy of THE WORLD AS I SEE IT and should not be construed as fact, reality or an attempt to predict future happenings. All names and/or persons mentioned in THE WORLD AS I SEE IT articles are 100% fictional except for celebrities which are being spoofed and/or ridiculed for being celebrities. Hmm, I guess that would change the 100%. Let’s say 79.3% of all names are made up. The rest are celebrities. All stories are 100% fictional unless otherwise noted.

All articles are written by Phil Roberts and are the possession of Phil Roberts. If you steal them, Phil Roberts and his team of high powered investigators (also Phil Roberts) will hunt you down and prosecute you to the fullest.

Any and all content of THE WORLD AS I SEE IT may not be reprinted or retransmitted in part or in whole without express written consent.


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