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May 10, 2017

Comey latest contestant ‘fired’ from the Apprentice

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Comey and Trump sharing a kiss during happier times.


In a surprise twist on last night’s episode of The Apprentice, contestant James Comey was fired. Experts thought he had a real chance of winning after he won the “get me elected” challenge easily, “It really looked like he had the inside track,” said the show’s Executive Producer, Kellyanne Conway, “But the Donald likes to keep us guessing.”


Many now feel that the clear favorite is Sean Spicer, “Spicer came out as this bumbling idiot, but Donald seems to like that,” said one expert, “Donald likes to feel like the smartest in the room which really limits who else can be in the room.”


Comey began the show on fire during the first challenge when he opened an “investigation” for the 18th time into Hillary’s email scandal, thus propelling Trump to a surprising victory. He later apologized saying that sometimes winning is worse than losing.


In a move that many are calling as close to a class act as Donald gets, Comey was informed of his firing when he heard it on CNN. He later received a nice letter and a gift basket from Trump. The gift basket was an edible arrangement which consisted of only lemons and sour grapes.


Comey said he has no idea what he will do next, but says he has no regrets and is glad as hell that he is off the show.


October 13, 2008

Palin Plans Trip To Canadian Side Of Niagara Falls

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In an effort to boost her foreign policy credentials, Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is planning a trip to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. “I’m a little nervous”, admitted the globetrotter, “I’m not familiar with their language or their customs, but until you go you can’t learn”.


Palin, who has been watching Russia from her home now “for years”, is excited about the trip, “I plan on bringing them a Salmon and I am really excited about receiving a gift in return”, said the adventurer, “Perhaps they will give me a traditional head-dress or tribal jewelry”.


Palin has said that if elected Vice President there is a good chance she will travel even more. “My intention is to try and go to a foreign country at least once a year if elected”, said the jet setter, “I’m thinking Utah next”.

Palin has insisted that just because she hasn’t been to any foreign countries doesn’t mean she isn’t aware they exist. “I’ve heard of countries like Africa and South America”, said a defiant Palin, “And I have full intentions of visiting them as well as soon as I printout the mapquest directions”.

Palin has said that they plan to take the trip to Canada shortly after her daughter, Bristol, gives birth and before she has time to get pregnant again.

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